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Silence the noise.

I’m sure you’ve had this experience, too. Sometimes there’s a lot of noise outside, that drives me crazy, and seems to never end. No matter how hard I try to avoid it, it follows me wherever I go. In those moments, my perception is kind of "muffled", and I can’t hear myself clear enough.

Actually, no matter the environment where you live, the noise is in your head, and it's caused by your thoughts. The more you resist the noise- focusing your attention to it- the more it increases.

Differently from years ago, I'm now aware of the noise when it's there. Because generally there is a lot of silence in my head- and when there isn't... well, I notice it! :) And when that noise drives me crazy, my one and only desire is to recreate the silence inside, where I can feel God, Spirit, the Universe. Where I'm aware the source of all my power is. Where I feel at peace and invincible. Where I can distinctly feel my centre, my heart, and the love in my heart. Where I&…

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