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Monday, November 23, 2009

New Bear Pincushion and a Surprise in the Mail!

Georgia is my newest Bear Pincushion!
She is made of a stunning Toile red and white fabric, and sparse mohair, she has movable jointed head and glass eyes. I added a touch of vintage charm with a delicate lace ruffle and some red and white buttons to finish her off.
Her yummy red velvet strawberry is completely hand-embroidered with tiny silver glass beads!
The adoption fee for Georgia is $85 (plus $6 travelling fee to Europe, $9 to USA and Canada, $9,80 to Australia and NZ). Please email me if you want this cutie pie in your workroom or to give her as a special gift to someone you love!
You can find more details and measurements on my website.

I am better, thank you very much to those who asked, especially since I received this 'love gift' in the mail!! This stunning altered heart is from Carolyn, a fabulous mixed media textile artistfrom Cornwall! I am sure you'll be in awe of her artistic talent.
She made this just for me, in my favorite colors! Did you noticed the icy snowflake? She didn't know this has a particular meaning to my hubby and me!!:)))

Carolyn also treated me to a complete 'altered art kit'. She litterally crammed a bubble mailer with fabrics, ribbons, beads, embroidery yarns, wool, mussels from the Cornish beaches, inspiring pics, anything in blue, red and white, definitely my favorite colors!
Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart, dear Carolyn, you inspired me to create something beautiful, with your gorgeous gift!

Your beautiful blue heart is now pinned to my inspiration board, indeed!

Have a nice week everyone!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Recycled Chic Bouquets and Eco-friendly Tips for the Upcoming Festive Season.

What to do with a few silk flowers, faux berries, glittered small fruits from last year presents, broken cinnamon sticks, short-lengths of ribbon, small odd decorations instead of tossing them... just to be eco-friendly?
I thought to make some cute posies you can easily make too! Use them as party favors, placeholders, or for your gift wrapping... I'm pretty sure the recipients will love them!

You can see how I assembled my bundles- no glue at all (I tend to use it only when necessary), raffia and twine only!

Also remember to go as green as possible during the festive Season!
Here are just a few ideas to be environmentally responsible:
  • If you can, buy a living Christmas tree that can be re-potted after the Holidays. Compost all the greens and berries used for your decorations after Christmas, you can do that in your own garden or simply contact your local council, that should collect it for composting.
  • Consider wrapping your gifts in recycled or brown paper, this will look very stilish if teamed with raffia or twine, pinecones or simple chic posies as the ones showed above. Just be creative!
  • Recycle or reuse your wrapping materials; if you tied your presents with string instead of adhesive tape, this will be super easy.
  • Send cards made from recycled materials or e-cards, and don't forget to recycle your own too, finding new uses or simply bringing them at a recycling point (supermarkets often have one).
  • Give as much as possible eco-friendly gifts (made from recycled materials or tickets for a special event or for a special treat).
  • Plan to buy only food and drink you surely need, you will save money and avoid waste. You can buy more later on. Try to purchase local seasonal food to cut down on food miles and preserve the climate. Try not to use disposable cutlery and plates, a nice party idea could be that of borrowing some from relative and friends, if you don't have enough, and mix together various-colored and shaped pieces.
Have fun!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

... My Website, at Last!

This has been in my heart and mind for much time now, so I'm glad to finally be able to lauch my website today!
I'm so grateful to my hubby and to all my lovely genuine friends across the pond who helped me to step out of my 'comfort zone', I'll be forever grateful for your support and appreciation!
Enjoy the pictures and please have a look at the shop when you have some time!
I take great pride in showing you my new bear doll pincushions, made of pure wool and German mohair, with movable jointed head and glass eyes. They are especially designed to be practical to use and grab while working, and they are a cute idea for a special gift or to treat yourself to something pretty this Christmas and all year round!

Each and every one is handmade with great love and care, and with the best materials.

In my website you'll find also some white hearts, in three different sizes, made with precious Italian, hand-woven linen (circa 1850) and antique or vintage lace.

Don't you just fall in love at first sight with this intricate antique lace? I did!

Or with these precious pieces of English Victorian petticoats?

And because Christmas is just around the corner, I enriched my catalogue with these cheery plaid hearts, to be enjoyed not only during the festivities, but all year round, as they have such a cozy cottage charm!

You'll find some of my patchwork totes too, which are fabulous to wear or as storage bags for your beloved furry friend's accessories! He/She will love them just as you will (... Kim starts to laugh and waggle her tail when she sees I grab her tote!LOL).

And last but not least, my new line of book covers and notebooks, made of wool and finished off with stunning vintage or antique lace, ribbon and a silk/fabric handcrafted rosette. This is removable, so the cover can be hand-washed in lukewarm water as needed.

Hope you'll enjoy having a look and reading my feedback.