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Monday, May 31, 2010

American Heart.

Please indulge my starred-and-striped heart today...

Let freedom ring!
Happy Memorial Day to my American friends!
Monica x.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday, Pink Saturday!

What's better than pink, romantic opulent peonies and roses, mismatched china and a picnic in the garden for a birthday celebration? 

I wish you could smell these... Intoxicating!

I found this pretty tea tablecloth with embroidered pink posies for 20 cents- unbelievable. It was brand new in its vintage cardboard box with 6 little napkins.

This lovely china set I purchased from my friend Niki at Nostalgia is English... I simply adore it!

Today I'm joining Beverly over at How Sweet the Sound to celebrate the 2nd birthday of Pink Saturday! Many happy returns, dear Beverly!! Hope you will like having a look at all the gorgeous pinks today, I'm sure it will be much fun!
Wishing you a super-duper weekend,

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lilac Time and I Won!

Time flies. Where did May go??
After two weeks of non-stop heavy rain with freezing temperatures, and three days of VERY strong wind, suddenly it's Summer with hot temperatures! This silly weather surely is what makes me feel sick with headaches and nausea :(( please bear with me for not blogging these days.
My white lilac was in full bloom when the torrential rainfalls started, so I thought the only way to enjoy it was cutting a huge bunch to bring indoors.

My tree peonies were all blossoming, and being the forecasted weather awful for quite a while, I decided to cut all and try to save them for the winter ahead. Usually I do not cut them for drying purposes, as I love to enjoy colored bushes in the garden... but this year, I do not feel guilty to take the scissors to my poor soaked flowers!
And after some time... here they are, perfectly dried!

I also meant to tell you, I was *SO* lucky to win my friend Louise's fabulous giveaway (also because I never win anything, and I was very surprised and thrilled when she told me her daughter had drawn my name from the hat!). Thank you very much, girls! 
Antique photos, lace, ribbons, bits and bobs to brighten my day... aren't these women just perfect to become mixed media Halloween witches?;)

Also the rears of the photographs are true masterpieces... It's a pity they don't print like this anymore!

Hope you're having a good week! 
Monica x.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Well Loved.

Amiable furry creatures breathing at our side...

... sweet and loyal, their paws always on hand even in the darkest night.

We love their comforting hug, the ability of listening and keeping a secret, never judging or complaining.

They bring out the best in us and make us fall in love casting such tender gaze...

... No wonder that teddies, like dogs, are our best friends!

"You really don't have to be young to find a friend in a teddy bear."
R. Newman
If someone you know is sick or in dire need of love, no matter if young or old, give him/her a teddy bear!!
I'm proud to introduce Thomas, the first of my 'well-loved' bears, named by my DH after Thomas Jefferson. He will remain to live with us in the attic, among vintage leather suitcases, antique lace and other friends. He's made from distressed mohair and stained antique linen. I would like to make more, if my hands decide to co-operate. Hmmm.
Monica x.

Friday, May 14, 2010

My Pink Pointe Shoes, Sweet Memories and Inspiration.

Taking a stroll down memory lane... 
Imagine my great surprise, when a couple of years ago my Dad arrived at my doorstep with a H*U*G*E black garbage bag, and told me it was filled with my childhood stuff!!... "I have no room for this anymore and thought you might like to have it."
Needless to say I did the happy dance, and I though I screamed with joy when I found my pink pointe shoes among my soft toys and teddy bears, and other precious stuff in there!

I have to thank my dear Daddy for this gift!

They're certainly not in mint conditions, but I love them. I love the memories they have attached... Pink pointe shoes and tutu hanging from the tree on Christmas morning, as soon as I opened my eyes! Memories of a ballerina with pretty bunches and smiling to the world... a world of promises... a world I saw through my rose-colored glasses, where Prince Charming saved the beautiful Princess from the evil spell and they lived happily ever after!

Many moons have passed since I wore these pointe shoes, but I haven't lost my serene attitude (maybe a little childish) of seeing life like a fairytale. Or as my hubby says, as a Disney movieI am deeply thankful for I can almost always see beauty in the world through my eyes. I still wear my rose-colored glasses. This helped me making it safe and sound through the storm to a peaceful harbor when life hasn't been gentle with me.

This is what I think when I see my ballet shoes. They remind me of that ballerina in pink wearing her rose-colored glasses. Hope you have yours always on, too.
Monica x.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Button Wreath Tutorial.

As this tutorial no longer appears on my blog, I would like to share it again with you!
Sorry for those who have already seen it, and also attempted to make their own wreath-hope my new readers will be inspired as well! 

You'll need lace, ribbon, a hot glue gun + glue and a wreath base, any material, any shape. I used one I had on hand, but styrofoam ones work great too.

You may want to incorporate odd and broken vintage baubles...

... and naturally, oodles of buttons!!

Make a loop to hang the wreath. Secure with knots.

Cover the support in ribbon and lace, this will make the back of your work neat and clean too.

Start attaching buttons with a hot glue gun, paying attention not to burn your fingers!


Once you've done with the complete perimeter, start covering the whole wreath, adding some baubles too, here and there, just to make it sparkle.

When finished, remember to clean your wreath from the glue gun 'cobwebs' before hanging or give it as gift.
Have fun making your own!
Monica x.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Indulge Your Inner Ballerina!

I promised some art ... here it is!
Edgar Degas painted the beautiful 'Dancers in Blue' in 1890. I was inspired to paint my own mixed media version of them, for Somerset Studio's tribute to Impressionists. 

Vintage tissue paper added dimension to the tutu of the prima ballerina...

and torn scraps of old book pages helped me create texture in the background.

It took me quite a while to paint this canvas board, but I was very happy with the finished piece, and I'm planning to paint more.

I am tremendously honored to have my work featured in these two amazing publications, jam-packed with inspiring works.

More creations to come... I've been busy over the past two weeks, and I'm delighted with all I've accomplished! Not all I made is blog-worthy, but I will do my best to find something pretty to share with you when the awful weather decides to stop and permit to take decent pictures. For those who kindly asked, I am on the mend (at least I can wear shoes, walk and drive!) and my Dad is slowly, but steadfastly, recovering after the knee surgery.
Monica x.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Mother's Day Journal.

I saved this journal for Mother's Day... and since it's pink, it is perfect for Beverly's Pink Saturday too! If you are new to my blog, this is one of my two journals featured in the current issue of Green Craft Magazine. Here are some additional pictures for your inspiration...

I used postcards from my personal collection, with a Mother's Day theme, along with pink and green fabrics, papers and scraps of any type.

If you love pink, drop by Beverly's blog too see many pretty things! 
Happy Mother's Day to my dear Mom and to all the Mothers out there! 
Monica x.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

White Torso and a Favorite Collection.

This week, for White Wednesday kindly hosted by Kathleen over at Faded Charm, I am showing you one of my favorite things. Do you remember the torso I made last summer from antique linen and lace?

She now graciously displays my precious collection of vintage brooches and necklaces and has become one of the pieces I love the best around my home (dwelling in my studio, by the way!).

The majority of these treasures comes from lovely Kimberly. Even if that part of my blog is now deleted, some of you may remember we swapped creative supplies last year, and she overwhelmed me with oodles of fabulous pieces of vintage jewelry! Thank you once again, Kimberly! 

Besides rhinestone costume brooches, I'm a hoarder of anything with pearls, which are my favorites ever.  If you like beautiful things in white, plese pay Kathleen and the other participants a visit, you can find gorgeous inspiration!
Hope you are all having a fabulous week!
Monica x.