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Monday, May 30, 2011

I Survived!

Hi everyone!!
Here I am after the surgery... photo courtesy my DH! (by the way, my 'scarf' made up quickly with a strip of this adorable retro- style fabric, was noticed!;)

Now I am going to relax for a while, I need help to do almost everything but I am happy I am already on the way to complete healing.
I spent the whole afternoon flipping through and reading some of my favorite magazines, between one nap and another... So much inspiration, and I can't wait to start all over again! ;)
All went well, I entered the operating room with peace of mind (also thanks to your support!) and the surgeon and her staff were incredibly sweet... I had been told me to bring along music, so I even listened to Dean Martin while the surgeon was struggling to fix my hand! I have been told it was a little difficult (because I make great use of my hands) and she was glad I agreed to have surgery now.
My sincere thanks for all your caring comments and emails is expressed in my previous post.
Happy Memorial Day to my American friends and readers!
Monica x

Sunday, May 29, 2011

You* Never* Cease* to* Amaze* me!

You're supportive.
You're thoughtful.
You're kind.
You're funny.
You bring tears to my eyes.
You make my heart smile big.
You inspire me to fly higher.
You give me chills.
Your friendship is sweet and sincere.
We're kindred spirits.
It looks like you and I are childhood friends, and we never met.
THANK YOU, you mean the world to me!!!
Monica x

Friday, May 27, 2011


I will have surgery on my left hand on Monday, so I may not be around for a few days. I won't be able to do anything for about one month. Very annoying indeed, but necessary, so I had to resign to that.
The surgeon assured me that, this time, the surgery should be simpler that the one I had 4 years ago on the right hand, with no armpit anaesthesia (which, if possible, was even more painful than the post- operative wounds at the wrist :((!)- she's going to do a local one. Also, I won't be sedated too much because you know... it looks like I've grown up! LOL But I must admit, chamomile tea is in order these days ;)
Hope all goes smoothly...
Have a wonderful weekend, my dear friends and readers. See you soon!
Monica x.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Published in Altered Couture.... Just Perfect!

Today I'm sharing a bib necklace and cuff bracelet I made, thinking Summer!
You can find them in the current issue of Altered Couture... a BIG thank you to Beth for making this possible!

Even if I hadn't the chance to see the magazine in the flesh yet, because of postal issues, the first two pages of my article should appear this way... Just perfect! ;)
And you know I'm thrilled when my work is modeled!

You might like to see additional shots taken by me...

Love how denim looks like paired with tulle! And the light imparted by the embroidered beads and crystals...

For the bracelet, I used a cardboard roll saved from the bin. My complete instructions and article can be found in the magazine. The free tutorial for the flowers is here. Simply use denim instead of organza!

... Can't wait to wear them! Hope this inspires you to create something new and pretty for summer. It's not necessary to spend much money to look beautiful!! Just be creative :)
Happy Monday everyone!
Monica x

Thursday, May 19, 2011

For the Love of White...

I couldn't miss this milestone of White Wednesday! 100 posts, WOW! So, in honor of our delightful hostess Kathleen and all the white lovers, here we go with a carousel of whites, as seen in my blog.
... Enjoy!

Head on over to Faded Charm to celebrate!
Have a wonderful rest of the week.
Monica x

And The Winner is...

Ready? :)

Congratulations Abby, and please email me with your address so I can send the painting along to you.
Many thanks to all who entered. Be sure I'll be hosting other giveaways with my art in the future.
Monica x

Monday, May 16, 2011

Remember my Giveaway!

There's still time to enter. Just leave your comment here.
The winner will be announced on Thursday.

Monica x.
F.Y.I. comments closed on this post.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Pink Roses and White Bookcovers.

Hello dear friends and readers, is it Saturday already?? My, can't believe that. I'm late linking up with Beverly because I'm cocooning. Just a little bit! I've been dealing with a whirlwind of emotions, lately...
So I ask- is it there anything better that a good book, a cup of hot tea and pink roses to keep me company?

... Maybe my sweet Kim! ♡

The book I'm (re) reading is 'Home sweeter home' by Jann Mitchell, and I'm loving it! It is a favorite, but has an ugly yellow cover that didn't fit my decòr, so I obviously covered it with one of my fabric bookcovers!

I also had some retail therapy... at the thrift shop. And I found this amazing big tablecloth, for a mere 5 euros/$7/£4. My thought went immediately to the lady that had hand crocheted it with love and patience. Many hours surely went into the making of this wonder... and I just had it for a song because someone had discarded it. If I could tell her how thrilled and happy I was for that find, and that I'll treasure it, I'm sure she will be happy!

I also bought some pieces of handcrocheted lace, small doilies... even if they're not perfect they are very useful for little projects, like bookcovers. If you want to craft your own, I shared the instructions on Somerset Life a while back (Winter Issue 2011). I thought I'd share my article here just in case you hadn't the chance to see it and are interested in this project. Be sure to click on the images to enlarge and read.

I've lost several comments on my 'Bear Doll Pincushions' post due to the technical issues of Blogger. Be sure I read them all, even if they don't appear in the comment section anymore. Thank you for taking the time to comment!
May your weekend be serene and sunny! Happy Pink Saturday to all the Pinkies, and thanks for visiting.
Monica x.