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Monday, December 30, 2013

2013- A Year in Review.

The rhythm of my 2013 was cadenced by the word MOVE. As I wrote in my blog previously, I really believe and feel it's the word that actually chooses me and not the contrary. It's when I consciously stop the chatter in my mind, quiet my ego and stay open, willing to follow the Divine plan for me, that magic happens.

So at the very end of 2012, when I had already chosen another word for 2013, Move came knocking at my door, and I couldn't help welcoming it in.

Move as making progress, advancing, as going forward; following a course, starting off. Move, as being active, changing posture or position, exhibiting great activity or energy; acting. Move, as stirring the emotions;  dislodging from a fixed point of view. Move, as going from one residence or location to another; relocating.

It has been a wonderful word to live by, and surely has brought many wonderful blessings in my life to be thankful for.

☑ So in 2013 I had what I had wished for. I finally moved from Italy to England, after many years of struggles to make this move possible. When you welcome a word into your life, you have to be sure you really want to align to the energy attached to it, because I ended up moving 8 times in just 6 months! ;) Not easy at all, but I had what I asked for. Actually the moves didn't bother me too much, and I embraced them with joy and gratitude, instead of feeling sad or depressed, because I was deeply certain that it was for good.

☑ I moved things, unpacked nearly 500 pieces between furniture and boxes, assembled furniture for the first time in my whole life, all by myself and in just 2 months, feeling as giddy as a drunkman and happy as a child ;) I moved things, not feeling attached to anything, donating what was no longer needed and giving freely, without expecting anything in return. I moved furniture around, moved from the opinion of others, who doubted it was possible for all of our things to stay in a 2- beds house (and instead, as I had been guided to our home, I trusted everything would have fitted well). Unexpected, great, last-minute ideas, and inexpensive  cheap finds right when I needed them, made me have all the room and space I needed for all of the things that we wanted to keep- just those things that are beautiful and useful, with creative potential and meaningful. I moved again from a fixed point of view when discovered a huge double bed had been left in my studio, and couldn't be removed, and the same for other pieces of furniture that are not ours, and managed to make something gorgeous with them anyway, just changing their position and use, and using our stuff to change their look.

☑ I dislodged from a fixed point of view regarding the amount of Christmas decorations in my home (being so highly sensitive, small house, lots of boxes, simplify, etc), and how I do want to live Christmas and share its meaning with the world. I want to continue celebrating it big, even if it's not big in the usual way (lots of food, gatherings, expensive presents etc), and I want to add many others decorations to my home in the next years. For no other reason than all that's "Christmas" for me, is a way to make the Spirit visible and perceivable through the senses. It's a way to turn the essence into form, and be really, really conscious of it. To keep it all the year, to grow in my understanding and in my spiritual perception of it. Something too phylosophical to explain on my blog, but in any case, it was a real epiphany for me this year.

☑ I moved forward and acted, finally deciding to let my craft articles and publications go (the articles and features that appeared in several magazines this past years I have not submitted for, were complete surprises or I have accepted to write because they were aligned to my current spiritual journey), and devote myself completely to my inner calling. Since then, I was really surprised with several covers, something I had desired for a long time and never had, even if with many articles written over the years. In the past, the "cover thing" had ended up being something that stole my joy, as if the value of what you are and you make could ever be associated with a cover, and when I consciously decided to quit looking for publications, I was blessed by many wonderful things in return, unexpected features anyway and also several covers.

☑ I haven't anounced publicly on my blog as of yet, but moving forward and acting prompted me to close the doors of my handmade shop forever. A long due, hard decision to be made, but that allows me to breathe deeply, feel free, simplify my life, make room (both spiritually and materially) for what I really want.  I may write a post specifically about this subject sometime in January.

Move promped me into action, into changing posture often, and really being active, something I had wanted to do for a long time, for my physical and mental health. It was also the move to England that allowed me to start walking. I also managed to start driving on the left so easily and effortlessly, and my life has drastically changed. When I lived in my Country of origin I never wanted to go out or drive, because it made me feel so bad and completely out of sync, so I had ended up caging myself home not to suffer. Moving around the English countryside, on the contrary, I had the opportunity to feel so good in a heathier body, drink the beauty around me, capture it with my camera and make it permanent in my mind, be inspired in my personal journey and my work, pick flowers and herbs and bring Nature into my home (something that that I need for my well being). Several health problems went away just moving, and I am so grateful for that (not to mention that because of my tiny word, I got three wonderful pairs of Wellies I had desired for my whole life!).

☑ Move allowed me to discover, not only new things and places, but such important things about myself too, and this marked a huge step in my journey, in my growth, in my awareness. My mission in this life is becoming clearer and clearer in my heart and mind. My solo drives and solo walks, I need like breathing being a HSP and very strong introvert, allow me to do a deep soul searching and bring to light so many wonderful ideas, that only being alone and in total quiet makes possible (mostly total silence in this place I now call home).
I also started keeping an  English Country Diary.

Discovered bluebells.

Visited a lavender farm, I've been wanting to since I can remember!

Discovered poppy fields!

Drank the beauty each and every day...

Explored English Gardens.

Hidcote Manor Gardens.

My very first Yard Sale!

... yard sale find of the year! A rocking horse that was in my dreams since I was little.

Got new friends. I love pheasants!

Living always close to tears.

Using my Book of Grace.

Embracing my being a Highly Sensitive Person.

☑ I moved, followed a course - surely I am doing what I was meant to do, and be where I was meant to be and where I belong. This cannot be explained in words, just has to be felt, and I feel it deeply. As everything happens for a reason, I trust there is a reson why I feel such a deep sense of belonging here.

Taking my breath away...

☑ All over 2013 I moved quickly in making Art. Since entering the licensing world I had kinda lost my spontaneity and freedom (you are fooled into thinking you have to "work" instead of "playing", and that you've grown up, while you always feel like a child!! At least this happened to me), while I've always been very spontaneous in my painting. I've always moved quickly, very quickly, with brushes, fingers and paint or any tool or media, and the word move surely reminded me of that on a daily basis. My art is and has always been not fixed, not precise, not confined into schemes, very free and intuitive, and I haven't to care about all of the rest. I just have to be myself, and free in whatever I do.

This also made me overcome a fixed point of view, that is of "pure" artistic techniques. I moved forward, I don't surely want my work of art to be "pure", I want o have fun and be joyous when I paint and make, and share my joy. I don't want to be stressed. While I'm perfectly able to do a "pure" watercolor or "pure" anything else, this is NOT what I want to do!! I want to be creative, mix, match, and most important, play. I want to do it and feel it effortlessly (and therefore natural, as it's just what is natural to you that really comes out wonderful!!). 

Intuitive painting.

"Still your mind, open your heart".

☑ I followed the course of my wildest dreams, and teary-eyed for joy and exploding with gratitude, I licensed my art to several companies, but one in particular gave me chills. I will tell about it next month when Atlanta starts off and I'm allowed to share. I acted, and even among difficulties I made lots of Art.

I received my first ever artists samples this past year! And unexpectedly, it felt so natural to see my art onto products.

My paper goods with CRGibson for TJMaxx.

Move invited me to open my heart to "in-person connections", and I met three blog friends during 2013.

Federica @Countrykitty, we have had the opportunity to spend
time together several times this year! So very grateful.

Victoria @Found and Sewn, hope we'll manage to go antiquing together soon! ;)

Jillayne @A Fine Seam, what a treat it has been to
stay with her for a couple of days! Definitely a soul sister!!

☑ Moved from a fixed point of view and went one step further with Project Life, making it first simplified (as appeared in my article in Somerset Life), then completely digital. I made it through it from January to December, even if with many things on my plate (will show it when I manage to put the finished book together).

☑ My tiny word for 2013 made me dislodge from a fixed point of view also regarding the "possibility" that the things you desire, if you really really and wholeheartedly want them,  for how odd and impossible may seem, do happen. I have had proof of this all over 2013, with wonderful synchronicities happening in the house hunting, moves, health, job, family matter and on and on.  Always makes me lift my eyes to the sky in wonder and amazement and say "thank. you.".

Found lots and lots of hearts right when I needed them, that guided me.

And now, ready for a New Year to unfold!!
Will share the word which chose me for 2014 in another post.

Goodbye 2013! Thank you kindly, I will remember you.
Monica x